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Last Days

Last Days

In my final year as an undergrad, I worked at 1 S. State Street as a contingent and hated every moment. Well, not exactly hated, but I definitely knew that I would never work in retail as a career. As a contingent, I worked everyday, as a sales clerk, in a different department. That definitely made the experience more interesting, and I got to know the store very well.
After I graduated, I left C.P.S. to work in my chosen field never to set foot in the store until the very end.
When the announcement came that the store would be closing for good, I felt both sad and nostalgic. I grabbed my camera and 10 rolls of black and white film and began exploring the nooks and crannies during the final days. I wanted to show the calm and the stillness of this icon as it passed into Chicago’s history.

Carson Pirie Scott State Street
closed its doors forever on
Wednesday February 28, 2007

Cyanotype is a 19th century photographic process where photo sensitive chemicals are painted onto paper then exposed to UV light under a full sized negative leaving a blue print. All of these pictures were printed by hand in the sun. Fluctuations in sunlight vary the exposure adding to the beauty and uniqueness of each print.

Featured at Work Studio, Chicago, March 2010.

A first edition set resides in the private collection of Linda Talaga.

Limited addition prints available at Shop Columbia
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